RE: [abc-dev] Valid combinations of primitive pointcuts

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 14:19:49 BST

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Sascha Kuzins wrote:
> Dear Eric,
> It is not entirely clear what you mean by "invalid". The example
> pointcut you present never matches, but that should be no reason to
> consider it invalid (what about the pointcut "if(false)", for
> example?).

Yes, you are making valid points here and the more I thought about
the problem, the more I began to agree with you. I had a look at the
document about the IR and it seems that conjucts of pointcuts
employing different StmtShadowMatches *may* be considered invalid. I
think that covers most cases. (e.g. a "field get" and a "call" can
never happen at the same time) Also I think multiple
BodyShadowMatches (again nonnegated in a conjunct) make no sense,
since e.g. you cannot be in an interface initilization and in a
method body at the same time.

In the case of similar matches (e.g. two "method call" matches as
before, I agree that this should indeed be no error since they *can*
actually be used in valid combinations.

Also this all should maybe be optional, but I think it would be a
nice thing to have for early error detection.


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