Re: [abc-dev] Cflow and threads

From: Bruno Harbulot <>
Date: Sat Aug 20 2005 - 11:17:54 BST


Bruno Harbulot wrote:
> I'm having problems with the CFlowCounter (abc101runtime version).
> The generated code uses incCounter(Counter) and decCounter(Counter) with
> the same instance of Counter for all the threads. This leads to results
> that are wrong (or some deadlock situations).

I wrote more about this problem in a bug report:

I have also submitted a couple of patches to solve the problem.
The second one is probably better since I think it should keep the abc
optimisations regarding the counters (I have done it quite quickly, but
it works). In short, when weaving around it does not copy both the
locals for CFlowCounter and for CFlowCounter$Counter, but only the local
for CFlowCounter. The CFlowCounter$Counter has then to be obtained again
in the proceed method (which may be executed in a different thread).

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