[abc-dev] New Publication: Implementing concern-specific languages with ABC

From: Eric Bodden <eric@bodden.de>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 11:54:06 GMT

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Hello altogether.

On http://bodden.de/publications you will find two new papers about
employing ABC in order to implement so-called "concern specific

What those are supposed to be is described in the theoretical paper
"Concern specific languages and their implementation with ABC", which
hopefully will be accepted for the SPLAT workshop accompanying the
AOSD 05 conference.

The practitioners' paper "Implementing concern-specific languages
with ABC" has not such a similar title by accident: It actually tells
the same story but from an implementor's point of view. It is meant
as a guide for developers who are new to ABC and want to implement
concern specific languages with ABC. In my eyes it goes somewhat more
into detail than the paper "An extensible AspectJ compiler" when it
comes to the actual implementation, which might be helpful sometimes.
Additionally I describe how Java 5 annotations can be used to specify
such concern specific languages, how annotations can be extracted and
how aspects can be generated out of them and stuck into the
compilation process. Also I tried to reflect on the effort I had to
overcome while using ABC and give some advice on possible
improvements. Here I should probably mention, that implementing
concern specific languages usually means performing AST rewrites,
reducing the code to AspectJ code, so one uses the frontend only.
Thus I do not comment on, nor evaluate any backend functionality.

However, it would be great if you had any comments about this work.
At the latest I might see you at AOSD 05 where I will probably attend
your tutorial.

Also if you would like to link the works from your ABC website, feel
free to do so.


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