Re: [abc-dev] eclipse builder

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 11:31:29 -0400

Hi Wouter.

> -Has anyone already built an eclipse builder for ABC? (so I don't have to do
> it again)

To my best knowledge that is not the case. I oftentimes thought that
it would be really nice to have some sort of Eclips eintegration,
which then should surely include integation as a builder, but I never
had an urgent enough need to take the time.

I am sure that many people would appreciate such a plug-in (including
myself ;-)).

> -I there a way to use ABC for incremental builds?

Again, to my best knowledge nobody has tried to do incremental builds
with abc and certainly abc has no native support for incremental
builds. I generally think that incremental builds should be possible
(as long as you don't enable whole-program optimizations at least) but
asf ar as I know abc was not designed with such support in mind, which
may make it not quite easy. So maybe you should start with support for
full builds first.


P.S. Somebody here at McGill has developed a plugin that visualizes
tags that abc adds to woven code (e.g. at joinpoint shadows) via
gutter annotations. Depending on what you want to achieve in the end
it maybe may make sense to integrate all this at some point.

Eric Bodden
Sable Research Group
McGill University, Montréal, Canada
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