[abc-users] New around weaving strategy

From: Eduardo S. Cordeiro <cordeiro@dcc.ufmg.br>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 11:58:19 BST

Hello abc developers,

I've been looking at the code woven by abc version 1.1.0 and I noticed
that it no longer uses the class_ID - shadow_ID "routing" advice and
shadows described in the paper "Optimising AspectJ" and on Kuzin's
master thesis, but rather it inlines the advice code.

In which cases does abc 1.1.0 prefer to inline? Is the shadow_ID
strategy still used in circular advice applications? Was there any
performance gain on your benchmarks with the inlining weaver?

Thank you and best regards,

Eduardo Cordeiro
Received on Mon Oct 17 11:57:42 2005

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