[abc-users] -O3 runtime error

From: Eduardo S. Cordeiro <cordeiro@dcc.ufmg.br>
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 14:46:13 BST

Hello there,

I've been trying to add an optimization to the wjtp pack, and so abc
must be executed with the -O3 option. When executed with this option,
abc generates the following error:

Garbage collection #1: 1000003 nodes / 998323 free / 0.062s / 0.062s total
Exception in thread "main" polyglot.util.InternalCompilerError:
unhandled exception during compilation
    at abc.main.Main.run(Main.java:653)
    at abc.main.Main.main(Main.java:211)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException
    at soot.jimple.paddle.PaddleScene.setup(PaddleScene.java:1284)
    at soot.jimple.paddle.PaddleTransformer.setup(PaddleTransformer.java:84)
    at soot.SceneTransformer.transform(SceneTransformer.java:39)
    at soot.jimple.paddle.PaddleHook.internalTransform(PaddleHook.java:43)
    at soot.SceneTransformer.transform(SceneTransformer.java:39)
    at soot.Transform.apply(Transform.java:89)
    at soot.RadioScenePack.internalApply(RadioScenePack.java:60)
    at soot.Pack.apply(Pack.java:110)
    at abc.weaving.weaver.CflowAnalysisImpl.run(CflowAnalysisImpl.java:105)
    at abc.weaving.weaver.Weaver.runCflowAnalysis(Weaver.java:319)
    at abc.weaving.weaver.Weaver.weave(Weaver.java:137)
    at abc.main.Main.weave(Main.java:1064)
    at abc.main.Main.run(Main.java:531)
    ... 1 more

I thought this might be a problem with my extension, so I removed the
-ext option, but the error message still occurs. Is this an error with
my setup or maybe a known bug? I'm using abc 1.2.0 from the abc-complete
jar file.

Thank you,
Eduardo Cordeiro
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