RE: [abc-users] wjtp pack in abc

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Thu May 04 2006 - 22:19:26 BST


I think the problem might be that in your case abc is not running in
whole-program mode. Did you try to run it with the O3 option? The
question is also at what point you want to run this analysis (i.e. on
the woven or still unwoven program). I am currently just about to add up
the reweaving architecture to make sticking in such analyses easier. I
think this should be ready within the next month.


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> Hi there,
> is it possible to add whole-program ("wjtp") Soot
> optimizations to abc via AbcExtension? I tried adding them to
> the PackManager in
> AbcExtension.addJimplePacks() but it had no effect.
> Thank you,
> Eduardo
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