[abc-users] problem running abc extensions

From: Hossein Mohtasham <hsadat@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jun 19 2007 - 20:11:22 BST


I'm having some trouble running abc extensions which seems to be
caused by "java.lang.RuntimeException: couldn't find class:
java.lang.Object (is your soot-class-path set properly?)" . I found
it in FAQ on abc website too and followed the hint and added the
classes.jar to the CLASSPATH, but it made no difference:

When I run abc in the following way (without any extensions: java -
jar lib/abc-complete.jar), it prints out the normal introduction/help
notes. However, when I try to load any extension, I get the following

csa093:~/development/eclipse/abc-1.2.1 sadat$ java -jar lib/abc-
complete.jar -ext abc.eaj

Exception in thread "main" polyglot.util.InternalCompilerError:
unhandled exception during compilation
         at abc.main.Main.run(Main.java:660)
         at abc.main.Main.main(Main.java:210)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: couldn't find class:
java.lang.Object (is your soot-class-path set properly?)
         at soot.SootResolver.bringToHierarchy(SootResolver.java:139)
         at soot.SootResolver.bringToSignatures(SootResolver.java:172)
         at soot.SootResolver.processResolveWorklist
         at soot.SootResolver.resolveClass(SootResolver.java:89)
         at soot.Scene.tryLoadClass(Scene.java:304)
         at soot.Scene.loadBasicClasses(Scene.java:854)
         at abc.main.Main.initSoot(Main.java:748)
         at abc.main.Main.run(Main.java:523)
         ... 1 more

The following's been added to the CLASSPATH:

and I'm using Java 1.5 on a Mac. (I have compiled abc based on the
given instruction on the website.)

Any help is appreciated.

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