Re: [abc-users] Documantation about extending new frontend

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 08:04:10 +0200

Hey Julian,

> > There is an upcoming paper at this AOSD 2008 in a few days time about
> > the new frontend (it's not yet on, but will be soon).
> This paper has now been put on the website:

I read this paper and it is a great help by understanding the new frontend.

But there are still some issues I do not understand. In Polyglot the
transformation is done by passes/visitors. In JastAdd you wrote that
there are only 5 passes. Now I ask myself: how to I transform the AST
with JastAdd. I know that I can inject the logic/code of the single
ASTNodes by defining appropriate passages in the *.jrag files.

But how do I call this injected methods?

Another issue is the rewriting of the AST. With Polyglot some of my
visits traverses the AST and replace some nodes after the visiting.
How can I do this with JastAdd? The compiler extension I want to port
to the new frontend should check an AST and then do several
transformation so that the resulting AST is a valid AspectJ-AST. I am
still confused how I should this do by using JastAdd.
Could you give me some hints?

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