Re: [abc-users] Determine a basic block

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:29:43 +0200

Hello Amjad,

2008/4/16, Amjad Nusayr <>:
> In my work I wanted to know the first and last stmt in a basic block, I did
> this by creating a new ExceptionalBlockGraph, and a new Position class
> called BlockMethodPosition, this way I could get more info about the basic
> blocks in the original java source code.

What do you mean by exceptional block graph? How can i imagine that?
After i have seend that i can not identify pure blocks in jimple i am
looking for alternatives.
Perhaps it will work if I transform my argument block in the frontend into

try { ....} catch (Throwable t) {throw t;}

I suppose that this block must have a representation in jimple.

> Please note that the first and last stmts are going to be jimple stmts not
> java stmts. Also a first and last stmts of a block are sometimes the same;
> for example
> for (i=1;i<=4;i++)
> {
> i=i+2;
> }
> here i<=4 is the first and last stmt of the block.

My problem is that i am totally new to jimple and have some
difficulties to reconstruct the transformation from my JastAdd-AST to

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