Re: [abc-users] Unwoven Jimple in ReweavingAnalysis

From: Nathan Weston <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:46:02 +0100

Hi Eric,

I think I'll need both - what I'd like to do is analyse the unwoven
method while still being able to ascertain where advices apply (i.e.
where the advice shadows are). I'll need the woven version at a later
stage of the analysis anyway, so yes, both.

As perhaps another option, I'm performing a stage of the analysis
pre-weave (extending OncePass and adding in after JIMPLIFY_DONE) in
order to get the Jimple code of the advices before they're woven. Is
it possible to automatically obtain advice shadows at this stage? I
strongly suspect it isn't, but it's worth a shot :)

Thanks very much for your speedy help!

Eric Bodden wrote:
> Hey Nathan. Yes that should be doable. I am just wondering: Do you
> require both, the woven and unwoven version, at the same time (in
> particular do you actually want to analyze the woven program and the
> unwoven program is just support information)? Or do you actually just
> want to analyze the unwoven program? Please let me know then I can
> give you further instructions.
> Eric
> 2008/4/24 Nathan Weston <>:
>> Hello all,
>> From a ReweavingAnalysis, is it possible to obtain the original unwoven
>> Body or UnitGraph of a method? That is, to unweave completely before
>> reweaving?
>> Many thanks for any help,
>> Nathan
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