[abc-users] Tracematch trace output

From: Alan Teoh <alan.teoh07_at_imperial.ac.uk>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:24:09 +0000

Hi again,

Is it possible for me to produce a trace output(perhaps via an argument
on the abc compiler) via tracematches like the one in the paper(Adding
Trace Matching with Free Variables to AspectJ)?
I'm talking about the one produced in page 10:

Given tracematch
    tracematch (X x) {
        sym f before:
            call (* f(..)) && target(x);
        sym g after:
            call (* g(..)) && target(x);
        f g

And the following method calls
v.f(); v.h(); w.g(); w.f(); v.g();

The trace is then as follows:

e1 enter: call(void FG.f()) on v
e2 enter: execution(void FG.f()) on v
e3 exit: execution(void FG.f()) on v
e4 exit: call(void FG.f()) on v
e5 enter: call(void FG.h()) on v
e6 enter: execution(void FG.h()) on v
e7 exit: execution(void FG.h()) on v
e8 exit: call(void FG.h()) on v
e9 enter: call(void FG.g()) on v
e10 enter: execution(void FG.g()) on w
e11 exit: execution(void FG.g()) on w
e12 exit: call(void FG.g()) on w
e13 enter: call(void FG.f()) on w
e14 enter: execution(void FG.f()) on w
e15 exit: execution(void FG.f()) on w
e16 exit: call(void FG.f()) on w
e17 enter: call(void FG.g()) on v
e18 enter: execution(void FG.g()) on v
e19 exit: execution(void FG.g()) on v
e20 exit: call(void FG.g()) on v

Or was that just a theoretical trace?
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