Re: [abc-users] abc produces broken class files

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:33:10 +0100

Hi Pavel,

> That looks really strange; is the project you're trying to compile
> available for download somewhere?

I uploaded and you can get it from

> We'd be happy to fix this issue if we
> can reproduce it, so any instructions to achieve that would be very
> welcome...

I just checked out the latest abc from
It is Revision 27. The external Projects are in Revision 5025.

I call the abc from ant as follows:

<project name="abc">

        <property file=""/>

        <path id="abc.classpath">
                <fileset dir="${abc.lib}">
                        <include name="*.jar" />
                <fileset dir="${abc.extlib}">
                        <include name="*.jar" />
        <target name="abc">
                <java fork="true" classname="abc.main.Main" maxmemory="512m">
                        <classpath refid="abc.classpath">
                        <arg line="${args}" />
        <target name="build-lobby" description="build-lobby">
                <antcall target="abc">
                        <param name="args" value="-verbose -ext abc.ja -classpath
${abc.lib}/abc-runtime.jar; -sourceroots ../../java/Lobby/src -d
lobby/classes" />

Hope this helps. If you need further information please let me know.

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