[abc-users] Weaving Adaptor in abc?

From: Alex Villazon <alex.villazon_at_lu.unisi.ch>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 16:18:41 +0200

    Is there a weaving adaptor similar to AspectJ's WeavingAdaptor
enabling easy third party integration of abc?


   I'm very interested on having such an interface to add load-time
weaving to abc. (our generic instrumentation framework would handle
all the loadtime instrumentation). http://www.inf.unisi.ch/faculty/binder/documents/pppj07.pdf

   All we need is something like:

byte[] weaveClass(java.lang.String name, byte[] bytes);

  and probably we could specify the location of the aspect sources
(and classpath) in the constructor of the adaptor.. AspectJ's
WeavingAdaptor uses by default aspectpath.lst and classpath.lst The
first one contains the compiled aspect, and the second the list of
jars needed for the weaving.

   Concerning the limitation of abc to make separate compilation, we
could use the following workaround:

- compile the aspect with a dummy set of classes, so as to create the
compiled aspect (needed by our framework to be loaded).
- put the reference to the source of the aspect in the aspectpath.lst
(instead of the compiled one as with AspectJ..). This should emulate
the -argfile aspectpath.lst

  What I'm not sure is if the compiled aspect will be the same in both
cases (I guess so..)

   Any interest?


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