[abc-users] codeGen dynamic code

From: Amjad Nusayr <anusayr_at_cs.nmsu.edu>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 13:17:56 -0600

I'm trying to create a pointcut designator that applies an advise after
it skips the first N number of times. For example
before(): AfterN(10) && execution(* *.*(..)) {
    // my advise
Will skip applying the advise the first 10 times there is a method
execution. And will start applying "my advise" after that.
There are two main things that I'm trying to do.
First: creating a counter for EACH pointcut expression that has AfterN
(not for each method or a class)
Second: Trying to write dynamic code that will do the first thing above
and doing some checks.

So, here is what I did (with the help of Eric).
in my aspectinfo.AfterN class, I have this method
 protected Residue matchesAt(ShadowMatch sm)
        return new AfterNDResidue(cutPoint); // start point when advise
is applied
My problem is that I need to know to write some simple dynamic code that
For each pointcut expression that has AfterN
- create a local counter for that expression (lets call it n) and
initialize it // again a local counter for the expression not the
underlying method or class
- check if n>cutpoint
- if true apply the advise
- if false dont not apply the adivse
- increment n each time the we need to apply the advise

I truly appreciate any help.

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