Re: [abc-users] Why abc.ja.eaj Extension Never Gets the List of Passes Through 'passes()' Method Defined in Class 'ExtensionInfo'?

From: Nathan Weston <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:17:26 +0000

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if Meisam (or anyone else!) knows of the answer to this dilemma?
  It's the same one I'm having at the moment.

Many thanks,

Meisam Fathi wrote:
> I had was developing an extension based on abc.eaj when I decided to
> switch to abc.ja.eaj. In my extension, I had some visitors, and I
> overrode ExtensionInfo.passes() method so that its return value
> contained my desired passes as well as the default passes. My extension
> was working (almost) properly and everything was fine except the fact
> that it was not able to compile Java 5 code. So I decided to switch to
> abc,ja.eaj. But I realized that this extension doesn't call
> ExtensionInfo.passes() method to obtain the list of passes. In abc.eaj
> this method is invoked in CompileSequence class when a program is being
> compiled. I'm wondering if I should write my own CompileSequence class
> to make my passes being executed during compilation. The CompileSequence
> class is cumbersome, esp. its compile method contains a lot of code.
> Keeping the extendibility goals of abc in mind, developing a new
> CompileSequence class doesn't make scene.
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