Re: [abc-users] Compilation error with intertypes when using the abc weaver

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 07:28:34 -0400

> † † Yes, surprisingly both alow that. In relation to Java, I first saw such
> a situation in the instrumented source code
> ††† generated by JML. In addition, since a valid AspectJ program is also a
> valid Java program, we can use "$" in AspectJ
> ††† programs as well, for instance, in intertype declarations (as in
> previous email).

Yes, there's two different things: identifiers in Java source code and
identifiers in the bytecode. $ is allowed in bytecode but not usually
on the source level. The AspectJ language definition states that
AspectJ identifiers are just Java identifiers. Therefore AspectJ
compilers should not actually parse your example program. I have
raised a bug against ajc to clarify that...

Anyway, I have not yet had the time to look into this but I suspect
that abc may get confused by those names. I will see if I can find
some time to dig a bit deeper into the problem today.


Eric Bodden
Sable Research Group, McGill University
Montrťal, Quťbec, Canada
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