Re: [abc-users] Re: XML attributes in a reweaving analysis

From: Nathan Weston <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 15:59:14 +0100

OK, last question, I promise :) The LinkTags are being added fine and the
correct links popup when I hover over the statement. However, clicking on the
link does not jump to the correct point as (I believe?) it should. I'm adding
the tags like this:

        Unit orig = (Unit)w.reverseRebind(s);
        Unit origlink = (Unit)w.reverseRebind(link);

        orig.addTag(new LinkTag(
                "Defuse link:" + defclass + ": " + origlink.toString(),
                origlink, defclass, "AIDA"));

defclass is the getDefiningClass.getName() of the SootMethod which contains
origlink. The XML attributes get written like this:

<link label="Defuse link:mississippi.Discount: f = $d0 * 0.9" jmpLink="0"
srcLink="10" clssNm="mississippi.Discount" aType="AIDA"/>

Note that jmpLink="0"; this is the case for all the LinkTags, and I wonder if it
has something to do with it?


Nathan Weston wrote:
>> It may well be the case that the Soot plugin expects a certain file
>> ending. Are you opening AJ files with the Java editor or with the AJ
>> editor?
> You, sir, are a genius. Opening with the Java editor fixes just about
> everything.
> Thanks!
> Nathan
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