abc: The AspectBench Compiler for AspectJ


abc is a joint project between the Programming Tools Group at Oxford University, UK and the Sable Research Group at McGill University, Quebec.

abc is built on a number of existing efforts:

In alphabetical order of surname, the following people have contributed directly to abc:

Chris Allan <christopher.allan at>

Pavel Avgustinov <pavel.avgustinov at>

Aske Simon Christensen <aske at>

Torbjorn Ekman <torbjorn.ekman at>

Christopher Goard <cgoard at>

Laurie Hendren <hendren at>

John Jorgensen <jorgnsn at>

Sascha Kuzins <sascha.kuzins at>

Jennifer Lhotak <jlhotak at>

Ondrej Lhotak <olhotak at>

Oege de Moor <oege at>

Neil Ongkingco

Jane Panangaden

Damien Sereni <dsereni at>

Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at>

Julian Tibble <julian.tibble at>

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