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RE: Documentation & web server

Another way to handle the problem with the figure in chapter 4 is
to use the psselect utility (from the Tex Archives). It allows selection
of individual pages from postscript files produced by TeX (and some
other document processors). So I printed right up to the problem page
and then selected all the pages after that point for printing, much easier
than installing ghostscript :-). If you don't want to search the TeX 
just give me a buzz, I have the utility in MS-DOS binary format, I can
e-mail a copy.

From: Etienne Gagnon
To: sablecc-list
Subject: Documentation & web server
Date: Friday, 27 March 1998 5:25PM

Hi everybody,

Two points:

(1) The Computer Science building of McGill University has electricity
problems, so the Sable web server is down. It should be back online at the
beginning of next week. Sorry for the inconvenience, by this is not of my

(2) It seems that many people have problems printing chapter 4 to Appendix
of my thesis. The problem happens when they try to print the chapter.ps file
directly to a Postscript printer.

The last page of Chapter 3 contains a figure that will cause a Stack
Overflow error on printers with not enough memory.

To get around the problem, you can use Ghostview and print ONLY Chapters 4
and up.