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Re: HTML and shift/reduce conflicts

See my notes below

Nick Kramer wrote:
> Good news, bad news, folks.  The good news is that I have permission to
> distribute the HTML grammar I'm working on.  Note that I'm putting it in
> the public domain, and am *not* using the GNU Public License (GPL).  This
> means you are legally allowed to do anything you damned well please with
> the grammar (except claim you wrote it), including using it in a product
> whose source code you won't give out, and making improvements to the
> grammar that you don't want to share with anyone else.


> [Politics break]
> I'd like to encourage Etienne to change the SableCC license from GPL to
> LGPL ("library GPL").  I think it'd be a good all around change, but it is
> particularly important for the sample grammars.  Under GPL, if I were to
> use the sample Java grammar in my product, I'd have to GPL my entire
> product.  There's no chance I'm going to do that, so I can't use the
> grammar at all.  But under LGPL, if I use that grammar, all I have to ship
> is my code in library form, so that it can be linked with the Java grammar.
>  And that's something I can live with.

You did not read the readme.html and license.html files carefully! The
GPL applies only to sablecc.jar and its content. NOT to sablecc.zip!
Everything else, including the example grammars AND sableutil.jar are
not copyrighted, i.e. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

So unless you want to use the LALR(1) table computation stuff of
sablecc.jar, you won't need to use any thing from sablecc.jar.
Therefore, the GPL won't affect your code.

I thought that this was clearly indicated. Isn't the readme.html clear
on this?