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Requesting some enhancements


This is my first mail to the list.  Thanks for the cool tool set.  Bless you for separating the actions/semantics from the grammar/syntax.  Perhaps you could add a few diagnostic aids in a future release.  There are two aids that I would appreciate.

1) When I have a syntax error, while running my parser, I see a message somewhat like:
   [line number, column number] [list of allowable tokens] "expected."
Could you add the token received to this message?  Sort of like:
   [line number, column number] "Got" [token] ", expecting one of" [list of allowable tokens]

2) When generating my lexer, could you emit a warning when a token will never occur?  For example, given:

  word = ([a..z] + [A..Z])+;
  keyword = 'KEY';

it would be great if SableCC could say something like:

"Warning: TKeyword is hidden behind TWord"

With my repeated thanks,
Norm Pleszkoch  <normp@erols.com>