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Re: more on simplec example

 SIMPLE C is the intermediate language of the McCAT C compiler (See the link
to the ACAPS research group on the Sable Research Group web page). SIMPLE C
is a small subset of C.

If you read the grammar carefully, you will notice that expressions must be

In other words, you should try:
i = (i+1);


-----Message d'origine-----
De : Alyson Reeves <reeves@super.org>
 : sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca <sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca>
Date : mardi 21 avril 1998 14:01
Objet : more on simplec example

>  I commented out the PointsToAnalysis phase of the simplec example
>so that I could compile it under jdk1.1.4 (I'm still working on
>getting 1.1.5 installed).  It correctly runs on:
>void junk(){int i; i = 1; }
>but gives me a parse error (semicolon expected) for:
>void junk(){int i; i = i+1; }
>Ideas are welcome...
> Alyson