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Re: name conflicts

Montreal Tue May 26 21:55:38 1998

At one point in cyberspacetime,
admurray@usa.net <admurray@usa.net> wrote:

> But what  happens if   'if_then_statement' acquires  an  alternative
> other than  'blah'? (Like an  'if'  without a 'then'.)  You have  to
> change your references to SIfThenStatement (say) to AIfThenStatement
> (or whatever) anyway.

In that case, there would be a PIfThenStatement for the production (as
usual), but none of the alternatives would be AIfThenStatement: you'd
have AAlternativeOneIfThenStatement, AAlternativeTwoIfThenStatement.

Am I reading you right?

> And (I ask genuinely) why break out the if and while statements (the
> blahs  and blehs) from the 'statement'  production, if there is only
> one alternative?

Oh, I'm using Etienne's implementation of the Java 1.0 grammar which
is based on the Java Language Specification LALR(1) grammar.  I
presume it is done for clarity and I haven't felt the need to change
it yet.

> BTW,   when  you say   AFooStatement   to   yourself, do  you  think
> 'alternative production type  foo statement' or do  you think 'a foo
> statement'?    I do the  latter,       which  makes me wish      for
> AnIfStatement...

Hehe, same here.  That wouldn't really be a practical change to
SableCC, though.