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Re: uppercase package names

Etienne Gagnon writes:
> This is not a Kaffe bug. It is a well known SableCC bug.
> If you wait a few minutes and read the next message, you will find a
> solution to it;-)

Thanks very much! I'll get the new version right away.

Before doing that, I should also report another problem that I've
noticed. This is simply that the files Switch.java and Switchable.java
don't seem to be getting generated by SableCC (they don't seem to
be part of the util package either). This is not a big deal, since
I know what they are supposed to be, and just created them myself.

By the way, if anyone else is using SableCC with kaffe 1.0b1, there
are a couple of patches to kaffe that you need to apply before it
will work.. email to me if interested.


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