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Re: uppercase package names

Etienne Gagnon writes:
> From: Archie Cobbs <archie@whistle.com>
> >Before doing that, I should also report another problem that I've
> >noticed. This is simply that the files Switch.java and Switchable.java
> >don't seem to be getting generated by SableCC (they don't seem to
> >be part of the util package either). This is not a big deal, since
> >I know what they are supposed to be, and just created them myself.
> The sableutil-1.1.jar file contains the Switch.java and Switchable.java
> files. They are not included in the sablecc-2.2.jar file in order to
> eliminate a compilation problem; this is because I didn't want to change all
> the import directives.
> From SableCC version 2.3 and up, the sableutil library is kept
> independently. This means that the sableutil classes are not included in the
> file sablecc-2.3.jar. Therefore, both sablecc-2.3 and sableutil-1.3 are
> required on your classpath.
> I have silently omitted to include two classes,
> ca.mcgill.sable.util.Hashtable and ca.mcgill.sable.util.HashSet, from the
> sableutil-1.3.jar file, to avoid compilation problems. This is important to
> know, if you have obtained the sableutil library from another source.
> The error message given by "javac", when a class is defined in two different
> packages imported via an "import xxx.*" directive, is rather disorienting.
> It tells you that the class is not defined in the "current" package, instead
> of saying that there is an ambiguous import declaration for the class. So,
> if you get such an error message, look for duplicate classes in all your
> imported packages (using *).

Yes, this problem seems to have gone away in version 2.3. Thanks
for deciphering the javac error code, it was completely misleading
me. All is well for now...


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