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I've been playing with SableCC and I'm very impressed.  It seems to be
an excellent framework for building AST-deriving parsers, and
associated tools.  My only caveats concern performance of the parser
construction stage. Especially irritating is the length of time one
has to wait before grammatical errors are reported.  But aside from
that its an excellent tool.

One mechanism I particular like is the macro mechanism for generating
the basic classes.  Indeed I've already extended this to add a new
analysis class appropriate to the work I'm doing.  However, the
extension process is not simple requiring the modification of the
*.txt and Gen* files directly.

I've implemented an alternative mechanism for overriding the macro files
and defining the output set.  I would like to feed this back into SableCC,
and so would like to ask if there is an accepted system for proposing
and submitting changes to SableCC.

One other thing I would like to ask about is regeneration of the parser.
I note that section 7.1 of Etienne's thesis discusses building SableCC 2,
using SableCC 1.  Is the grammar for this available and are there any plans
to upgrade it to version 2? 

Chris Watson

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