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minor annoyance

When you run sablecc, it seems to have it's own ideas about where
the generated files go.

For example, suppose your grammar contians "Package foo.bar;".

Example 1:

  $ cd /foo/bar
  $ java SableCC grammar

  Generated files go into foo/bar/foo/bar/*

Example 2:

  $ cd /
  $ java SableCC /foo/bar/grammar

  Generated files go into foo/bar/foo/bar/*

I want to keep the grammar file in the same directory as the
java files (ie, /foo/bar). But there seems to be no way to do
this and have the generated files go into /foo/bar/*.

Ie, it would be nice if in Example 2 they went into /foo/bar/*,
or else SableCC took a command line argument "-d /some/directory".


Archie Cobbs   *   Whistle Communications, Inc.  *   http://www.whistle.com