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Re: New Project

> commercial one we are currently using which is becoming extinct.  The
> language we want to emulate is called SMX (created by Internet Factory

> A sample of the language is as follows:
> %if(%equal(the,THE),%abs(-4),%add(4,5)) would evaluate to -4
> %if(%xequal(the,THE),%abs(-4),%add(4,5)) would evaluate to 9

> Macros (as they are called) can be included indefinitely. For example:
> %equ(1,%equ(1,%equ(1,%equ(1,1)))) would return T.
> Kim has mentioned that SMX is a LL(1) language.  I noticed in reading
> the thesis that SableCC does not currently do LL(1) (at least at the
> time of the thesis).

Every LL(1) language is an LR(1) language.  Hard to imagine how Sable
could fail to do it.

> Can SableCC handle the grammer/syntax/parsing as it (SableCC) now
> stands?

Almost certainly, although the language you've got seems syntactically
so simple that using sablecc would be like killing a mosquito with a
machine gun.  Writing a recursive descent parser by hand
seems like the way to go.  Or sre there some tricky items you've left out of
your message?

-- hendrik@topoi.cam.org