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No Subject


I'm writing report generator program and the idea to have simple script
language so any on cane edit the report using any text editor

and  because jave dos not have any  RTF API I have to write the printing
side in C++ or VB
so I'm looking for tool to convert the java classes generated by SableCC to
c++ or
do you have any version of SableCC can generate c++ classes or do I have to
search for anther Compiler Compiler.

 and this is an example of the report language:

  start template test

                start header
                         width  =1.00
                end header

                start variables
                        integer vat
                 end variables

                start SQLTable Table
                        statement="select * from table1 where id= ?"
                        field name,"name"
                        field balance,"blan"
                end SQLTable


                start page
                        RunSQL  Table,1234
                        vat=balance * (20/100)


                        print  "the name :",name
                        print  "the balance :",balance
                        print  "VAT    :"vat


            end page
end template

Thank you