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Re: JDK 1.2

Hi Archie,

>I have another minor request for SableCC... It would be
>helpful if it would show the whole exception with stack trace.

Fixes aren't always as strait forward as anticipated. When I went to fix the
JDK 1.2 compiling bug, the serialization fix worked beautifully. On the
other hand, I had to go and modify many files (not only one, as you thought)
that had an "import java.util.*" so that they would not get conflicts with

This is done. I have some additional work to do for completing the fix to
generated code. (As I said, I do NOT use serialization in generated code).

Interesting licensing issue: I have noticed that it might not be acceptable
to the LGPL to ship SableCC without the "source" version of the serialized
tables... So I have decided to leave the original hard coded tables as
comments in the source code. To regenerate the serialized tables, a
programmer will need to uncomment the code, recompile  and use a JDK 1.1
interpreter. Not very

The reason I do not print the whole stack trace is that it is not useful for a normal usage of SableCC. SableCC uses this exception mechanism to indicate S/R and R/R conflicts. I suggest that you patch your local debug version. But I do take note of your request. It might be a good idea to include a "-debug" command line option in future versions.

Have fun!