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Standalone parser

Hi all,

I wonder whether it would be possible to generate (or modify generation
of) the parser in such a way, that one do not need ca.mcgill.sable.util.*
in its own package hierarchy.
It is a little messy, if one have the system which use generated parser,
and apart from the normal packages tree of the product, still needs to use
additional classes from different tree. It would be much better for
example, if there would be option to put all necessary util.* stuff into
generated parser subtree (together with analysis, lexer, etc) as "util"
subdirectory, so it would be in fact a part of the generated package. It
is possible to do now by hand, but automatic option for that would be very

For example generated parser from JavaCC & JJTree do not need any 
additional package tree.

with regards

Mariusz Nowostawski