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Wrong line number

I built a parser with SableCC and noticed that the default error handling
messages give wrong line number of source file, where error occured.
For example 

com.intel.itp.mof.lexer.LexerException: [5523,36] Unknown token: 0)
        at com.intel.itp.mof.lexer.Lexer.getToken(Lexer.java, Compiled Code)
        at com.intel.itp.mof.lexer.Lexer.peek(Lexer.java, Compiled Code)
        at com.intel.itp.mof.parser.Parser.parse(Parser.java, Compiled Code)
        at com.intel.itp.mof.parserTest.main(parserTest.java:21)

While error is in line 3100.

Why ?

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