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Re: cryptic error message


> I'm trying SableCC on a grammar.
> What does the following error message mean?
> ca.mcgill.sable.sablecc.parser.ParserException: [1,12] TDot TSemicolon
> expected.

This can be read as:
"The parser which was reading your grammar file suggests that in the first
line 12th column you should put dot or semicolon character, otherwise it 
cannot proceed with parsing your grammar".

TDot/TSemicolon are the names of the Java classes representing a single
character token dot and semicolon respectively.

My bet is, that in the first line of your grammar where you specify a
package name (Package com.smth.smwhere;) you forgot to put semicolon.

Hope it will help
with regards


ps. There is a detailed explenation of error messages syntax somewhere in
the previous posts, but I have no reference handy -  try to search the