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Re: lexer.dat not found [BOUNCE sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca: Non-member submission from [Patrick LAM <plam@sable.mcgill.ca>]]

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From: Patrick LAM <plam@sable.mcgill.ca>
To: John Parke <John_Parke@cnt.com>
cc: "'sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca'" <sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca>
Subject: Re: lexer.dat not found

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, John Parke wrote:

> I created a small example to get started with SableCC. When I run the
> Compiler class that I created I get the message unable to open "lexer.dat".
> The file lexer.dat does exist. 

lexer.dat must be in your CLASSPATH when you're running the Compiler