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Re: [Fwd: help with syntax errors]

     Hi Brad,
     I think that what you describe is not possible with the current 
     version Of SableCC. We need to make this the ability to restore the 
     parser to a correct state, provided for example by a command within 
     the SableCC grammar that allow us to "jump" to a state in case of 
     I've seen some kind of other CC tool that allow this, but they are far 
     less objet oriented than SableCC.
     If you take a look at the SableCC newsgroup, there's a discussion 
     about your kind of problem, and the overall conclusion is that is not 
     a good idea to "bufferize" the errors messages.
     Anyway, I have a tricky solution : Think about gettting the line 
     number of the error when it occurs, and after this restart the parser 
     on the next line in your input stream. This could work if you're 
     grammar is simple.
     (If I'm wrong, I hope that Etienne will correct me ;-)

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Subject: [Fwd: help with syntax errors]
Author:  egagnon (egagnon@j-meg.com) at internet
Date:    11/04/00 16:31

From: "Bradley Slater" <bradleys@usko-e.com> 
To: <sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca>
Subject: help with syntax errors
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:26:31 +0200
Please could you help me with a problem,
Take for example, the minibasic example, when I purposely place a syntax 
error in test.basic the interpreter will give me an error. Say for 
example I did not want the interpreter to give me a error and instead I 
wanted to log the error and continue with the interpreting, how would I 
go about modifing the java files that SableCC produces to be able to do 
Bradley Slater