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Re: Building a simple "compiler"

Hi Roger.

SableCC is the tool you are looking for.

I did not understand why you would need to build a compiler.  An
interpreter would probably do the work.  Building a compiler is an order
of magnitude harder than building an interpreter as you have to
understand clearly:
1- the source language (you desing it)
2- the implementation language (Java)
3- the destination language (Assembly, bytecode, ...)
4- the rules to translate "1" into "3".

If you want to desing your own language, and build an interpreter for
it, here is my advice:
1- Start with the MiniBasic interpreter
2- Add a few additional statements that perform the commands you want to
implement (in the grammar).
3- Add new methods that implement these commands in the interpreter

This would allow you to get complete running interpreter in a few
minutes/hours of work.

Good luck!


Roger Pomeroy wrote:
> Hi -
> I am looking for info in  general on building a translator or compiler for a
> custom language.
> I currently use a program which has a rather cryptic set of commands to
> process data.  I would like to define my own "grammar" that is easier to
> read/understand, and then have the "compiler" translate this to the commands
> that the program actually uses.
> I am looking for a tool to automate this process.  I am moderately
> comfortable with programming, but am certainly no expert.  Defining the
> syntax I want in BNF form is no problem, but the difficulty is in generating
> the actual program to translate it to the desired command language.
> Is sablecc able to do this?  If not, can you point me in a direction of a
> tool that I can use?
> THanks
> rp
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