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Re: C grammar

Thank for your answers.

I prefer to use a software available yesterday, not to rewrite a new wheel.

Why not use javadoc ?

Javadoc is for java, Not fot C. The differences :
- the hierarchy is not the same (not derivated class in C);
- usage of the macro in C not in Java;
- private and public in C are not very cleary defined;
- usage of enume or #define in C, not in java.

So I think, it is more esasier to use a "C" Javadoc instead to try to modify
javadoc for the C.

And I am working in C, I am not sure to have Java available in all context.
(OK, If I write something, I will use the very nice tool SableCC).

Why, use a compiler ?
Because a compiler is able to give us information on variable (type, name)
there fore it will be more easier to use.