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Re: Fwd: Need a Complete Doc

Hi Sylvain,

I don't think there is better bible than the thesis. Although it is omitting 
some stuff, which Etienne is aware, it is still viable. If you follow the 
example in chapter 3 of the thesis, you shouldn't have any problems with 
that. Once you understand that example, read chapters 4, 5 and 6. But if you 
are not in a rush, I'm setting up my web site, where I'm running a tutorial 
on writing a small compiler using SableCC. Soon, the compiler will be 
available with the distribution. I'll send it to Etienne. I'm still testing 
it. It is a very simple compiler, but simple enough as a starting point on 
how to use it.

I may have the web site up by next week. Until there, you'll have to feel 
happy with the example found in the thesis. It is by far well documented as 
far as I'm concerned.
Unfortunately, the tutorials will be in english. (I forgot my french. 
Although I can still speak, I cannot write it clearly. so sorry!!!)

Good luck to you
Fidel Viegas.

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>Subject: Fwd: Need a Complete Doc
>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:25:54 -0400
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>Subject: Need a Complete Doc
>To: sablecc-list@sable.mcgill.ca
>Where can I found a complete documentation of SableCC ?
>I trie to write a Natural/Adabas analyser :
>1. read source code
>2. build tree of extern call
>3. with a data dictionary, show the data in relation via token.
>, but I don't know the methods to used :(
>The help is not complete. It explain the concept, but it is not a
>(beginner) user manual.
>Every help is welcome. (in French, very welcome)

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