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Re: SableCC vs. Antlr?

I looked at both when making my decision for a compiler-compiler.
The biggest difference in my mind is that SableCC does all the
node and tree-walking code generation for you, will the other CC's
do not. This enabled SableCC to cleanly split the grammar definition
from the Java source code, so the two are not intermingled.

Not having to write the boilerplate tree walker code was an order of
magnitude increase in productivity.


p.s. the anttask is for those of us using ant
(http://jakarta.apache.org/ant) instead of make to build Java projects. It
integrates with ant nicely, enabling you to call sablecc from within an
ant build.xml file (equivalent to the Makefile).

> Hi again,
> How does SableCC compareto Antlr?
> Features of SableCC that is not in Antlr?
> Vice versa?
> Benefits of using SableCC?
> Drawbacks?
> Side q: What is anttask that is in the sablecc tarball?
> Regards,
> Robert
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