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Re: SableCC sources doc?

Robert Feldt wrote:
> Do you have any plans for how to do the bootstrapping? Do you plan to
> handcode a parser for grammar files or are there better alternatives? In
> rular I've used an external yacc-like tool to bootstrap but I think its
> unelegant.

I'll simply use SableCC 2.x to generate the initial version, then
iterate until SableCC 3.x generates its own AST/parser.

So, you could say that the final version of SableCC 3.0.0 will have a
chicken/egg problem.  But, you'll be able to look at the source code and
trust it, as there will be documentation with the generated parser/lexer
tables, thus eliminating the trust problem.  It all comes down to: How
do you trust that YACC's own parser does what you think it should?  This
shouldn't be a problem in SableCC 3.x.  Documented parsing tables gives
you the trust of of a hand written parser.

I like SableCC's generated code too much to restrain myself from using
it to implement itself;-)

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