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Parsing an Oracle script

I've trying to use SableCC to parse the Oracle script  but I got the skrip3.parser.ParserException: [10,7]  "TTable expected." error message.Can you help me what's wrong with my specification file? Here my specification file and oracle script that I parsed.
Production in specification file
statements =
    {script} statement statements |
    {empty}  ;
statement =
 *Deklarasi untuk entitas kuat, entitas lemah atau relasi many to many *
        create table entity_name r_par atributs l_par mcharacters* slash;
entity_name =
atributs =
    {atributs}   atribut comma atributs |
    {atrwithpri} atribut comma primary_def;
atribut =
    {atribut}       atr_name data_type status? primary_key |
/*    {atrwithchar1}  atr_name data_type characters? status?  comma |
    {atrwithchar2}  atr_name data_type status? characters? comma | */
    {atrwithconst}  atr_name data_type status? constraint pri_name_key primary_key characters* comma;
atr_name =
primary_def =
        constraint pri_name_key primary_key r_par pri_name_atr l_par; 
pri_name_key =
pri_name_atr =
 pri_name_atr comma identifier |
Oracle script that i parsed:
-- ============================================================
--   Database name:  MODEL_31                                 
--   DBMS name:      ORACLE Version 8                         
--   Created on:     10/12/00  11:12 AM                       
-- ============================================================
-- ============================================================
--   Table: MEMBER                                            
-- ============================================================
create table member
    MEMBER_ID            CHAR(10)               not null,
    MEMBER_NAME          CHAR(20)               not null,
    MEMBER_ADDRESS       CHAR(40)               not null,
    MEMBER_IS_ADMIN      NUMBER(1)              not null,
    MEMBER_ACTIVE        NUMBER(1)              not null,
    DATE_IN              DATE                   not null,
    DATE_OUT             DATE                   not null,
    constraint PK_MEMBER primary key (MEMBER_ID)