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No Subject

Hi Kochkin,

> I have such problem:
> After installing SableCC i have try to run some commands:java -mx1024m SableCC -license(is working correct)and java -mx1024m SableCC minibasic.txt (is working not correct) The second command has prodise such thing:
> Verifying identifiers.
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ca/mcgill/sable/sablecc/TypedTreeMap
> I don't know how to correct this error because the first command is working correct.
> I have Sablecc-2.13 and JDK-1.1.8

For sablecc-2.13 you need additional sablecc utilities package which
implements Java2-like collection framework. You simply need to put in your
classpath additional sableutil.jar package (sableutil.jar should be
somewhere around the place you got sablecc-2.13 from ;o)

If you can and would like to use (native) Java 2 collections, I suggest
you switch to newer, better, improved sablecc-2.16.1