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Debugging lexers (Was: Simple Question)

Hi Tyrone,

Try using the debugging customized lexer in:

This might reveals that you are not getting the tokens you expected
(e.g. there's probably a bug in your Tokens section).

If this doesn't work, try sending us your grammar and a test file which
exhibits the problem.

Good luck,


Tyrone Grandison wrote:
> I am developing a simple language using SableCC. I have generated all the
> Node, Lexer and Parser files from my specification file.
> Upon trying to test it, both from keyboard input and text files, I get a
> "EOF expected." error at the very first line.
> I have made sure that the files are trminated correctly and I know for
> certain that the creation of the Lexer and Parser objects goes smoothly. It
> is when the parse() method is called that the error appears.
> Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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