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Re: ant task

> How do I get this ant task thing configured? Is there someplace I can place
> it so it like in the sablecc.jar? Do you have a sample TASKDEF for it?

I believe ant task for sablecc is compiled into sablecc.jar by default. If
it is not, please get the sources from sablecc sourceforge site, and build
sablecc.jar  by invoking  
$ ant jar
and you will get it compiled into sablecc.jar

here is a full example how to use it:

 <target name="parsers" depends="" description="generates parsers from the grammar files" >

    <taskdef name="sablecc" classname="org.sablecc.ant.taskdef.Sablecc" />

    <sablecc src="${src.dir}" outputdirectory="${src.dir}">
        <include name="**/*.grammar" />