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Cryptix ASN.1 Kit version 0.1.8

i am pleased to announce the availability of the new Cryptix ASN.1 Kit at:


the Cryptix ASN.1 Kit aims at facilitating the task programmers face in 
coding, accessing and generating java-bound, both types and values, defined 
as ASN.1 constructs, or encoded as such.

the major differences between this release and the previous one, besides 
fixing lots of bugs and adding the handling of all string and date types, 
is the use of SableCC instead of JavaCC for the parsing-generation of the 
Java wrapper types.

documentation is still sparse.  i'll be writing a how-to install based on 
feedback from the users;  so if you have problems setting up this release, 
don't hesitate to email me directly.

contributions, feedback and suggestions are welcome.