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[Fwd: Re: MiniBasic and JDK1.2]

Hi All.

I would really be grateful if somebody could help Andre get SableCC work
on his system.

Thanks in advance,


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Subject: Re: MiniBasic and JDK1.2
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:05:16 +0700
From: "Andre" <aden@ajk.its-sby.edu>
To: "Etienne M. Gagnon" <egagnon@j-meg.com>

I'm interested to try Sablecc for jdk1.x but after i've download file
you recommended then i do the instruction, i didn't see lib folder in my
sablecc-jdk1.1-2.17.0 folder. Then i try to find the jar file. But this
is missing. So how i can use the sablecc???

Thanks a lot,