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I really did not expect so much traffic on the list during the easter
break period (put stress on BREAK), guys!  ;o) I was away with my 
wife to do some mountain bike hiking for full 10 days, and we have
really enjoyed that. That was the first time we explored mountains 
cycling instead of walking with backpacks - great fun with valleys, 
canyons and not-that-steep hills. No peak climbing though.

Back on track. I had already patched sablecc with Dan's simple performance
suggestion about ArrayOutOfBoundsException, (for the rest of performance
patches I am patiently waiting for Dan's contributions ;o) and I will put
all the grammars and updated Java11 grammar into the repository, later
today. I have noticed this will involve some source code fiddling to
adopt new packaging conventions of SableCC.  If there are objections of
fixing grammars packaging inside org.sablecc.* please just let me know. 

Possibly, once all the cleaning up is done, we should release the grammars 
from the new (and for the new) SableCC SourceForge project, 
making officially sableccgrammars obsolete. 

best regards