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SableCC vs JavaCC vs CUP vs GMD

Title: SableCC vs JavaCC vs CUP vs GMD

I worked with JavaCC, JTree, CUP, JLex and SableCC.

I like sablecc best because it is easy to use and once you
understood the way the AST is build it's no problem to
find what you need.

I tried JavaCC before but it's a bit odd to use and I don't like
the way the trees are build.

CUP and JLex I only used while reading "Programming modern compilers" by apple.
The are strict procedural I think, so they weren't fit for my purpose.

It's true that the tree sablecc builds is to large, sometimes I would like
an option to get the operator tree and not the whole tree. And it's alot
slower than javacc. But for someone who hasn't got a clue about parsers
and such it's the best choice I think.


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