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Re: java question


No, I haven't tried this construct; will it attack the order problem
(ie, the elements will traverse in non-reversed sequence), or the 
stack-depth problem?

Also, the suggestion to move to a later version of sun's jdk worked; I
found 1.3.1 (didn't see 1.4; I'll look harder), and the stack overflow
doesn't happen any more. Now, it's just the order...


>>>>> "Etienne" == Etienne M Gagnon <egagnon@j-meg.com> writes:

    Etienne> Steve Murphy wrote:
    >> Apparently, lists built with:
    >> list : el
    >> | list el
    >> ;
    Etienne> ...

    Etienne> Have you tried:

    Etienne> list = el*;

    Etienne> Or, is this what you are talking about?

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